Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is a Purse just a Purse?

I recently took on a line that produces purses that are made from recycled tires, hubcaps and license plates. Who would of thought that the world could be so fashionable with recycled materials. These purses come in all shapes and sizes and their is something to fit everyones taste. I am proud to be carrying a purse that is recycled. At Madre Bello we pride ourselves on taking care of the enviroment and doing the little things that can change this world. If when your finished with something you recycle it to the salvation army, goodwill or make something new and useful out of it, like a handbag or a quilt. You are helping to keep our landfills clean. I tried to explain to some ladies at a meeting I was at last night that it doesnt have to cost a fortune to make little changes. That is why I love these purses . They are priced for the average consumer. Simple, elegant and timeless. You will want a few in your collection.

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