Sunday, May 26, 2013

10 Things I know for sure.....

Did you ever have one of those moments in life when you could feel the earth tilt on its axis. I did. When going for my annual physical, they discovered after many tests that I need surgery. I remember coming home from the biopsy thinking this can't be real. I am way to young for this. What if it was the C word? Had I accomplished what i thought i wanted in this world. The answer was No. And then I started thinking about what did I want? And I came up with this list.

1. To spend more time doing the things I love.
2. Spend less time on the people and things that were not making me happy.
3. Creating an enviroment within my home that was nuturing to me and my family.
4. Keeping a journal of my day to day.
5. Sewing every day
6. Not taking my health for granted.
7. Living more for today, then 10, 20 years down the road.
8. Accepting the things I cannot change.
9. Making my relationships stronger
10. Keeping everything in perspective.

Thankfully, it was not the C word, however I still needed to have surgery and have recovered quite well.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cross Stitching For Christmas

Starting a new cross stitching of red breasted robin. I haven't stitched by hand in a while. It is nice to have something to carry around with me, without having to sit at my sewing machine. This is a project that I can see me doing many more of. It is small, easy to handle and fairly quick to complete. I am thinking of designing some of my own to hang on the Christmas tree. If you are wanting to do this one specifically it is in the October issue of Cross Stitcher  .

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aha Moment...

Rainbow over our back yard yesterday
 Over the weekend I spoke to my mom and as I was telling her about my quest to lose a few pounds before the holiday season. She proceeded to tell me that it was a waste of time as I would only gain it back. At first I have to say this really upset me. I didn't say anything at the time to her and hung up feeling deflated. I went down and worked out on the treadmill and had an official aha moment. I realized that my parents have been giving me an out my whole life. If you don't like something quit. If its to hard quit. I have been aloud to quit for as long as I can remember. I quit school at an early age, if I didnt like a business that I started I would quit. My husband is the greatest man, however he has allowed me to quit. When I don't like something or want to do something he allows me to quit. No more quitting. I am on a mission to find a career that works for me and my family and I now have a little more clarity on where that will lead.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

This blog is about me .

It's funny, I have been struggling lately trying to find the balance between me and this blog. I enjoy blogging, believe it or not. And I want to write about whats real in my life. Is this a design blog, a sewing blog, a blog of tutorials, who am I? And then it hit me. This is a blog about me. My journey through life and my pursuit of happiness. I love sewing, decorating, designing, helping people learn things etc. I am a woman who has had many experiences in life and love. I am a step-mother to two girls and a step-grandmother to 5 grandchildren. I am a friend, a sister, a step mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. I am always pursuing knowledge and I want to know what really makes me tick. I am learning about me, how I handle things. What makes me jump for joy. What makes me get up in the morning. I am constantly learning. I have felt the pressure of what do people want from me. How can I make this blog exciting for others, when in reality I just want to discover myself and maybe help others do the same thing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogging Your Way

I recently signed up to take a course through 
Holly Becker . I find this course is pushing me to do more and has me in my office first thing in the morning. I like having feed back and deadlines. Even though I am on the cusp of missing this one. I find the videos, interactive forum and other students, educational, exciting and a bit overwhelming. However as the Blogging Your Way course is progressing so am I. I am looking forward to see what the next few weeks bring and how my blog evolves. You can sign up for the next segment of classes at Decor 8 E Classes .

I-Phone Case

I made this I-Phone case for a couple of the girls at the local coffee shop. They are always so pleasant and nice to me and  I wanted to do something nice for them. This case will only fit an I-Phone, the Blackberry phones are to wide. You would need to modify the pattern to make a little wider. I found this tuturial at During Quiet Time she has an excellent tutorial and pattern with easy to follow instructions.

Bedroom Makeover

This next month my goal is to makeover this bedroom. It is our master and I want to up the romance factor. We have been living in our house for 5 years and it seems that every home I go to, the one room that never looks finished is the bedroom. I wonder why that is? If you have any thoughts on this let me know?I think it say's something about where you are in your relationship and how you feel about each other. I want to inspire us to be more intimate. We have this great relationship, however I want to strive for more, different, spice, passion. Maybe this is way to much information, however I understand blogs are all about honesty and keeping it real. Next week I will show you my inspiration for the room.


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