Monday, July 26, 2010

Aloha and Goodbye.....

A very dear friend of mine brought me this material several weeks ago and said would you be able to make this shirt for Brian. You see Brian's lovely daughter who lives in Vancouver, but travelled to Hawaii. Had this lovely thought to purchase material and bring it back so her dad could have a one of a kind shirt that was representative of Rotary. Brian and my husband are in our local Rotary club together. So after I was told that this is all the fabric they have, if you ruin it you will have to fly to Hawaii to get more and oh yes, dont forget to get all the letters in the right direction. I proceeded one day last week to cut the material. My heart was in my throat. What was my friend thinking putting this kind of pressure on me. Was she really a friend, I thought for a moment. Yes, of course she was. She came to me because she trusted me to do a good job and the other ten people she asked had flat out turned her down. I had never done a tailored shirt and one with a collar. Well I made a mock up of some old material I had, to find my confidence in cutting the material. Turns out my mock up was wrong. I had the collar going every which way but the right one. Well on friday I called Joyce to tell her I had finished the shirt and my wonderful husband is modelling it.

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