Thursday, July 8, 2010

What makes me happy.......

For such a long time I thought I had to find the one thing that made me happy. Was it the perfect career, the man of my dreams, children and so on. Which one would truly make me happy day in and day out. And now I realize that it is many things that make me happy. Yes, I do have a great husband who has supported every dream I have ever dreamed. Yes, I do have a good family and parents, siblings, nieces and nephews that I love and love me right back. Yes, I do have great friends that I could call on in the middle of night if I had to and they would be right their for me. Yes, I do have a great dog who I love and is a cherised member of our family. However I dont have children, I dont have the career that I would like at this moment , I am not at my (ideal) weight and so on. And yet I am happy. Truly happy because I count what I do have as blessings and let the rest take care of itself. It has taken me a longtime to come to this moment in my life. I havent always been ( happy). I know now that it is the moments and the time spent with the people in my life and not the stuff that is important.

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